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Lenght of our films

We can tell your story in many ways. Our most popular film type is a 6 to 8 minute highlight film. However we are able to make documentary edits from your ceremony etc.

How long are we with you?

We hate causing stress which comes from leaving early from the venue. On your most important day,  we are there as long as you would like us to stay. We make sure to have a perfect coverage.

Can you stay with us longer?

If you decide on your special day that you would like us to stay longer, no problem! In our Á La Carte prices we discuss this topic further.

Is there a photographer on your team?

I have been woring with some of the most talented photographers from Hungary, and I can organise a whole team for you.


We license our music from artists legally. We use only legal sources of music in our films.

Will you share the raw files?

We will make sure you get your perfect films. We do not make the raw files accesible.